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The 7 Skills of Critical Thinking (BI001)
Business Innovation
The 7 Skills of Critical Thinking (BI001)
The philosophies of history’s great thinkers have been the starting point for much of the innovation we take for granted now. Without them, we might never have had cell phones, computers, or even electricity! See, critical thinking is the...
Creative Thinking (BI002)
Business Innovation
Creative Thinking (BI002)
Creative Thinking in Business is the process by which individuals come up with new ideas or new approaches in order to solve problems. Whether it’s inventing a new product or finding ingenious ways to cut costs and improve quality – like a...
Critical Observation (BI003)
Business Innovation
Critical Observation (BI003)
Observation is a key component of innovation. By observing how we and other people do things, we will spot opportunities for improvements. The more we observe, the more opportunities we’ll find. And if a problem is spotted, we can work to...
Being Adaptable (BI004)
Business Innovation
Being Adaptable (BI004)
Can you think of a ‘Hero to Zero’ company? Forerunners in their field, but when others started offering the same or better, times got hard and they disappeared? But what went wrong for them? Well, they didn’t adapt. Adaptability is a...
Driving Innovation (BI005)
Business Innovation
Driving Innovation (BI005)
Innovation is everywhere. Whether it’s advancement in tech or private companies achieving the first manned commercial spaceflight to the International Space Station. But in fact, these are only the “end product.” Innovation is the actual...
Thinking Logically (BI006)
Business Innovation
Thinking Logically (BI006)
Logic and creativity are opposite forces. They’re crucial for any successful business, especially when it comes to innovating.Creativity is required in order to keep things fresh, generate new ideas, and keep the company flexible. Logical...
Problem-Solving (BI007)
Business Innovation
Problem-Solving (BI007)
Do you know what the world’s best-selling toy is? No, it’s not some new-fangled, shiny, or high-tech gadget. It’s actually the humble Rubik’s cube! That colourful 3D puzzle with problem-solving at its core. And despite the amount of...
Dealing with Uncertainty (BI008)
Business Innovation
Dealing with Uncertainty (BI008)
Remember being a kid and wishing you had an all-knowing crystal ball? Or wearing out your collection of magic 8 balls only to keep getting the same fate? “Try again later!” Unfortunately, we can’t see into the future. And that’s the...
Being Resourceful (BI009)
Business Innovation
Being Resourceful (BI009)
Ever thrown together a great last-minute meal even though the fridge looked bare? Or winged your way through a successful presentation even though someone dropped out at the last minute? That’s resourcefulness. When applied to the business...
The Power of Analysis (BI010)
Business Innovation
The Power of Analysis (BI010)
What’s your hidden superpower? Creativity? Hawk-like hearing? Maybe the ability to always be barefoot at the exact moment a rogue Lego piece appears on the floor? (Ow, we’ve all been there.) For businesses in the real world, their...

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